Trademark Monitoring and Maintenance Services

Why You Need It

Once your trademark is registered, you receive powerful rights AND legal responsibilities.

Canadian trademark law requires that trademark owners actively police the use of their trademark(s). Failure to do so and notify others who may be infringing on your rights, can result in the loss of your valuable trademark rights.

Enter Brand Carve

Our Canadian legal team will ensure that you properly maintain your trademark rights. Brand Carve’s Trademark Monitoring Service will provide you with peace-of-mind for a nominal fee.

Bonus: By signing up for our Trademark Monitoring Service, you will receive up to 30% off our regular fees on select services. For more information, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

How It Works

1. Complete our online order form form and pay the flat legal fee of $375 per year.

2. We will monitor all new trademark filings with the Canadian Intellectual Property Office, and search for any attempts to register a same or similar trademark.

3. We will send you a quarterly report, detailing any potential infringement tied to new trademark filings, and notify you of any action required on your trademark, including notice of renewal filings.

4. We will conduct an annual review of your use of your trademark to ensure you are in compliance with Canadian trademark laws.

5. If you receive letters/notices from the government or third parties during the year, our legal team will review them and provide our recommendations at no cost.


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