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The web is a universe on its own. One of the most important aspects of building a strong brand online is the ability to control how your audience perceives you.

Brand Carve offers essential reputation management and SEO services that oversee your entire online presence to ensure that your brand image always remains positive.

Having exclusivity to your brand name is essential on the internet. You run the risk of having cyber squatters or worse, your competitors using these social accounts against you.

Brand Carve will signup 300 social media profiles completed with your bio, photos, website URL, business description, etc.

You never noticed that terrible comment about your business on Ripoff-report or that great endorsement you got on Twitter. Most brands miss the opportunity to engage with their audience when they receive positive or negative feedback.

Brand Carve will monitor over 40 complaint sites and major social media accounts that mention your brand to help you address feedback quickly.

A client/customer will first check out online reviews when deciding to work with a new business. However, a new business may not have any, or limited, reviews scattered across a host of different review sites.

Brand Carve will consolidate the positive reviews you receive from all major review platforms onto your site. We will also implement after-purchase emails to gain positive reviews that will increase the value of your brand, and bring you more business.

SEO and digital marketing is critical in helping you position your website as an authority in your niche. It results in overtaking your competitor’s rankings in search engines and ultimately redirecting those qualified leads to your website.

Brand Carve will create a campaign roadmap with proven SEO and digital marketing strategies that will help you gain more clients every month.

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