Flat Fee Trademark Registration Package

How It Works – An Overview:

Step 1: Select your trademark package – Silver, Gold, or Platinum.

Step 2: Complete our file your trademark information form.

Step 3: Trademark lawyer Perpinder Patrola will contact you within 24hrs to discuss your application.

Step 4: Within 3 business days, Brand Carve will email the comprehensive trademark search report to your attention. We will call you to discuss the search report and confirm the information required for your application.

Step 5: Trademark lawyer Perpinder Patrola will personally draft and file your trademark application, at which time, you will pay the filing fee of $330 for 1st class of goods & services and $100 per additional class to the Canadian government.

*The Bronze Package does not include a comprehensive trademark search report or an application drafted by a lawyer. Details about each package are stated on the Home Page.

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