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Frequently Asked Questions

How does Brand Carve's trademark service work?
Once you retain our services by completing the short questionnaire on our website, trademark lawyer Perpinder Patrola will personally contact you to review your information. We will provide you with our trademark search report and opinion within 3 business days. If you are comfortable with the report, we will draft and file your application within 2 business days of your approval.
Am I 'stuck' with the information I provide in the questionnaire online?
No. The questionnaire is simply a starting point. We will contact you to get all of the information necessary to conduct a comprehensive trademark search, and to draft and file your trademark application.
Why should I choose the Platinum Package?
The Platinum Package provides an incredible amount of service at a comparably low cost. Similar bundled services cost thousands more at traditional top-tier law firms. Given the importance and value of trademarks as business assets, it is in your best interest to budget for the Platinum Package.
Why should I choose Brand Carve to assist me with my trademark application?

Perpinder Patrola, an experienced trademark lawyer, will personally oversee your trademark search and application. You will receive professional and personalized service on par with the very best law firms in Canada.

There are simply too many other companies who claim to provide professional trademark services online, without any real involvement of experienced trademark lawyers. While they often advertise low fees, they are unable to provide proper legal review and prosecution of your application. It is no surprise that many applications filed by such companies are refused by the Canadian Intellectual Property Office. In other cases, problems/flaws with applications only come to light many years after filing, causing significant losses to applicants.

In contrast, Brand Carve ensures that your trademark application is hand-drafted and filed by Perpinder Patrola, and that you receive legal consultation throughout the application process.


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